Red Rose F Yeah Ib
F Yeah Ib
bluemoonstho sent: Could you please tell me which website has the download link for the ib game?

Just type in ‘ib game’ into Google and it should be the first link c:

izaara sent: The ib fandom is dying. I'm glad I got to follow you while you were still active. Please, if you ever come back, shoot me a message. I'd love to see your posts again. For now, I have to unfollow you to get rid of some clutter, but I can't wait to see you again if the fandom starts up again. Love you! :]

Thanks so much! Sorry for being inactive it’s just I haven’t had a lot of time these days. I promise I’ll be back soon!


A remixed version of the
opening theme in the game ‘Ib’.



beautiful arrangement of the ib theme - original upload on nico here

i need this here /////

Sorry for the long hiatus guys! I’ll be back posting stuff real soon due to the updated version being out.